Steam-Stream, a steam fueled radio, created by Airship Lenora's crew. All radio shows are being held by crew members and VIP passengers;
every host has their own stories to tell so they have their own styles. Everything takes place in an alternate history
where Edison tragically died and Tesla rose with his inventions.

14 Haziran 2010 Pazartesi

Crew File: Grimald Vesely the Owner

Full Name: Grimald Vesely
Father's Name: Zverev Vesely
Mother's Name: Deborah Seager/Vesely
Place of Birth: Prague
Date of Birth: 3rd July 1957
Marital Status: "Not now! Not later! Not ever!"
Religion: Self Proclaimed God: Himself!
Blood Type: A+
Sex: Male
Origin: Czech/Irish
Currently Resides: Airship Lenora

Alias/Call Sign: Grim’, Mr. Taxidermist, Junk Meister, Mr. Vesely, Mr. Vezeliez (Skreech)
Age: 42
Sexuality: Asexual
Occupation: Antiquarian/Art Historian
Known Languages: Czech, English, Turkish, French
Personality: cHaotiC and UNpredictable but kindhearted.
Likes: Talking to himself, talking to inanimate objects, talking to people which do not listen him, talking about trivial things with people who are not interested in trivia, collecting and piling up junk and books, tending piles of junk and books, just reading something.
Dislikes: Being silenced, being controlled, being silenced and controlled by men, being silenced and controlled by women, people that mess with his affairs and junk piles.
Habits: Collecting junk, collecting more junk, heavy drinking, heavy drinking often, heavy drinking everyday and keeping bottles as trophy, eating sweets, picking his nose when nobody sees.
Obsessions: All above.
Idol (Personal Hero): Don Quixote
Profession: Art history, mechanical repair, clockwork repair, optic devices repair, appraisal, professional collector, taxidermist.
Weapon of Choice: Coiled up newspaper, Victorian era finely shaped antique silver fork.

Hair: Gray (formerly light brown) - balding but long haired
Eyes: Hazel
Nose: Large and round nose with reddish tint
Lips: Shiny pink normal sized lips
Face: A sharply edged but cheerfully looking face
Body: Strong, middle heighted and stout
Skin: Pale and wrinkled
Height: 1.75 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Tattoos, Scars etc.: Numerous scars covers his hands, loves pirate tattoos since he was a child but never had any tattoos.
Accessory: Has three large golden earrings two at his left ear one at his right ear, which are normally chain links. Also possesses a couple of silver rings and loves to wear ascots and scarves and he wears suspenders almost every time.
*Daily: Brown canvas trousers, brown canvas shirt with suspenders.
*Underwear: Brown cotton underwear
*Sleep Wear: Blackish brown nightgown
*Seasonal: Tan canvas pants tan canvas shirt with suspenders.
*Other: Tweed jacket, burgundy silk shirt, black velvet pants, long riding boots and silk ascot.

School(s): Some elementary school at Prague which he doesn't remember, The Galatasaray High School, University of Zagreb, University of Istanbul.

Day(s): (WIP)
Time: (We don't have a specific time-table yet.)
Genre: Folk, Classical, 80’s etc., Steampunk, Victorian and Goth, even some metal, Polka, Jazz, Blues, etc.
Favorite Track(s): The Watchmaker’s Apprentice (Clockwork Quartet); Sleep Isabella (Abney Park); Rocky Road to Dublin, Drunken Sailor, Beer Beer (The Dubliners).

Relationships: Skreech as his young pupil.
*Mother: Deceased
*Father: Deceased
*Sibling(s): N/A
History: "I do not remember or do I?"

Created and played by Crimazure

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