Steam-Stream, a steam fueled radio, created by Airship Lenora's crew. All radio shows are being held by crew members and VIP passengers;
every host has their own stories to tell so they have their own styles. Everything takes place in an alternate history
where Edison tragically died and Tesla rose with his inventions.

31 Aralık 2010 Cuma

Happy New Year!

Santa WIP by Roselyn

Screech couldn't finish the maintaince,
'coz of this Jacq couldn't done the paintings.

Actually... this can be caused by Jacq too...

And don't miss the test broadcast!
Radio plays, music, steampunk and much more!
Don't miss it!

Jan 1st 10.00 pm (GMT+2)
Jan 1st 3:00 pm (GMT-5)

7 Temmuz 2010 Çarşamba

World History 1869 - 2008

[In year 1997 an eccentric antiquarian named Grimald Vesely got his hands on a strange device. While tinkering with that device Mr. Vesely accidentally uses the device to travel in time and space to year 1869. He found himself at a great hotel kitchen and with panic he tinkers with device again and makes the device goes unstable and shoot sparks at nearby gas pipes. Mr. Vesely found himself enclosed in a time rift till year 2008.

The following chronology explains events that occurred between alternate 1869 and 2008.]

October 1869 – Grimald Vesely accidentally sets a hotel in New York on fire, Killing Thomas Edison a couple of future general electric and general motors chairmen. This event puts an end to use of petroleum on motors and machines and led the American economy into a downfall.

1870 – The United Kingdom bolsters its steam powered economy.

1871 – Without its industrial leaders American economy completely dies – United Kingdom establishes full dominion over southern Africa.

1874 – The Prussian chancellor Otto Von Bismarck abolishes the imperial reign and Prussian confederacy becomes a Republic.

1876 – United Kingdom Parliament Declares war against its former vassal The United States.

1878United Kingdom attacks East Coast of United States and Canada – Canada Requests help from French mainland.

1878 – Nikola Tesla Invents the light bulb at Belgrade – At Istanbul Sultan Abdul Hamid Dismisses the senate all power transferred to sultan himself.

1880 – Nikola Tesla establishes "Tesla Industries Corp." at Belgrade – England Occupies United States and Declares war against French Republic.

1884Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark Unite against Great Britain as "Scandinavian Federation"

1886 – After war against United States Great Britain occupies Cyprus, Tunisia and North Mexico.

1889 – Prussian Confederation pulls Holland Belgium and Poland to its ranks.

1894 – At St. Petersburg a rebel Named Vladimir Ulyanov Executed by public hanging – Prussian Economy now leading the world with its miniature steam engines and airship technology.

1898Ireland rebels against United Kingdom the rebellion brutally crushed by armed forces

1900 – "The scarlet fever" kills roughly half of world population from 1900 to 1920 – Nikola Tesla Tests his very first Tesla coil device.

1905 – Arabian Emirs rebel against Ottoman rule

1907 – In Austro-Hungary imperial reign ends the Balkan Union formed with several other countries.

1908 – Chinese Empire tests its very first steam powered engines and declares war against United Kingdom.

1910 – The whole France is now English Territory.

1911 – Otto Von Bismarck Dies, Hermann Von Fuchs Becomes new Chancellor – With inventions of Nikola Tesla Balkan Union becomes world’s second greatest economy.

1913 – The Milanese republic and Venice unites against Papal States and Sicily.

1914Spain and Papal States unites under name of "Latin Inquisitional Empire"

1918 – In Prussian Federation Karl Benz Invents Steam Powered Aircraft engine. – United Kingdom defeated by Chinese army.

1919 – American Indians and western states of former United States Unites against English rule with name of "Terra America"

1920 – Arabian Emir's Defeat Ottoman Army and Becomes "Arabian Kingdom" – Shah of Iran allies with imperial Russia.

1922Prussia declares war against Imperial Russia.

1923 – Sultan Abdul Hamid dies his Cousin Sultan Kazım becomes his successor.

1924 – Prussian Steam Powered Army Crushes Russian Cassocks and Prussia occupies Ukraine Belarus and Poland.

1926Ottoman Empire, Russia and Iran signs an alliance.

1927United Kingdom Occupies Afghanistan.

1930China Conquers Japan.

1934 – Several Countries signs Alliances against British; Balkan Union allies with Prussian Confederation. Ottoman Empire, Russia, Iran, Scandinavian Federation signs an alliance too.

1939United Kingdom Conquers Egypt and Declares War against Ottoman Empire.

1941 – Balkan Union Prime Minister Joseph Klaus killed by a British assassin after his death a socialist aligned general named "Ivan Tito" becomes new ruler.

1942 – Worldwide war starts after death of Balkan Union Prime minister. "The eastern alliance" and "middle European alliance" fights against United Kingdom also several other Countries like Terra America and China joins the war.

1945 – As the Word War still continues Ireland rebels against British rule once again this time they become successful and Irish Democratic Republic founded at whole island of Ireland.

1946Prussia conquers British occupied France and takes Paris – Ottoman Empire takes Egypt and Iran Takes Afghanistan from United Kingdom.

1947Greece joins Balkan Union against Latin Inquisitional Empire

1948 – Terra America drives British from old USA territory but fails to conquer British occupied Canada – Prussian Confederation conquers British occupied North Africa – China Takes Indonesia from British.

1949 – Milanese and Venetian alliance put an end to Papal States rule and also they conquer a part of British occupied France, Italian Republic founded at capital city of Florence.

1950 – World War ends with major defeat of United Kingdom Prime Minister Winston Churchill signs treaty of Frankfurt with winner countries.

Treaty of Frankfurt consists of those clauses:

1. Even though western France stands in British control a wall shall be built in Paris in order to separate British Western France and Prussian Eastern France.

2. India, Scotland, Cyrpus and Australia become Separate countries.

3. The British army will be expelled from heavy artillery and steam powered devices for 20 years.

4. The British Navy will be expelled from armoured Warships and zeppelins that suited for war.

5. British will pay taxes to winner countries for 10 years.

1954 – Nicola Tesla Develops his very first Tesla gun and death ray, the free electricity distribution system with Tesla Coils Established at Balkan Union capital Vienna.

1957 – General Tito and senate changes name of Balkan Union into "Social Democratic Balkan Union"

1960 – Iranian empire conquers Mesopotamia and Arabian Peninsula from Arabian Kingdom Arabian kingdom collapses and Iranian empire becomes a flourishing trade port.

1964 – A radical cult named "Children of Nile" establishes itself in Ottoman ruled Egypt.

1967 – Ottoman Sultan Kazım dies a Western sympathizer Sultan Latif becomes new Emperor.

1971- The Alliance between Prussian Confederation and Social Democratic Balkan Union ends because of Prussians federation’s capitalist politics and anti-humanitarian politics.

1973 – Nikola Tesla dies.

1978 – The radical Cult named "Children of Nile" takes control of Egypt.

1980 – Imperial Russia Succumbs into a civil war between Revolutionaries and Conservationists.

1983Catholic Spanish Kingdom and Republic of Portugal goes into a war Portugal wins over Spanish and Spanish republic founded at Valencia after war.

1986 – Ivan Tito dies Petar Veselin Becomes new Prime Minister of Social Democratic Balkan Union.

1992 – General Baldur Herrscher becomes new Chancellor of Prussian Confederation and sends an ultimatum to Balkan Union.

1998 – Imperial Russia under Leadership of Tsar Igor Declares war against Ottoman Empire.

2001 – Brave Ottoman pilots crush Russian Navy at black sea.

2006 – Social Democratic Balkan Union Allies itself with Ottoman Empire.

2008 – Grimald Vesely frees himself from time rift. And at Prague he begins to repair of a world war era zeppelin in order to bring ideas of freedom to people’s minds and provide a safe haven to unlikely leaders and geniuses.

17 Haziran 2010 Perşembe

Crew File: Jacqueline the Chief Gunner

Full Name: Jacqueline M.
Father's Name: Unknown
Mother's Name: Josephine M.
Place of Birth: Paris
Date of Birth: 13th June 1982
Marital Status: Single [Engaged once]
Religion: Doesn't speak of it.
Blood Type: A+
Sex: Female
Origin: French-Irish
Currently Resides: Airship Lenora

Alias/Call Sign: Jacq., Poker Queen, Queen of the Saloon, Freedom Fighter, the Ace
Age: 27
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Poker Player, Gunner
Known Language(s): French, English, Gaelic
Personality: Cold as ice, kind of narcissist, distant but caring, closed tight
Likes: Cleaning her guns, sharpening her knives, playing poker, card tricks, drinking, cigars.
Dislikes: Memories, bullies, stupid people.
Habits: Sleeps with a gun under her pillow, sharpens her personal knife before going to sleep, she leaves a sip of scotch before going to bed and drinks the last sip first thing in the morning.
Obsessions: Carrying her knife and her gun everywhere, learning all the card tricks she can.
Idol (Personal Hero): None.
Quote(s): "Challenge me, if you dare." "Sorry, but your bold move is a waste."
Profession: Poker, Sharpshooting, Knife Throwing
Weapon of Choice: Combat Knife, Pistol (WIP - model?), Whiskey Bottle

Hair: Short, brown, always tied with a hair band. A wisp of long hair is left at the back of her neck.
Eyes: Hazel
Nose: Up turned, looks like it's been broken once or twice.
Lips: A bit bold, shiny pink.
Face: Thin with soft features
Body: Thin, well-built yet a bit curvy under the clothes.
Skin: Pale white
Height: 1.70 - 75 cm
Weight: 55-60 kg
Tattoos, Scars etc.: Celtic triple circle tattoo between her shoulder blades, Celtic Wedding Band tattoo on her left wrist, lots of bullet and knife wounds on her body (most on them are invisible under clothes), one huge cut scar on her right arm from wrist to elbow.
Accessory: She wears a long chain necklace but noone has seen what is at the end of the chain.
*Daily: Long striped, brown-black pants, black vest with tail, white shirt, and long combat boots.
*Underwear: Regular.
*Sleep Wear: Pjs.
*Seasonal: Out in the cold, wears a worn brown leather jacket with furry collar.
*Other: On formal receptions, she sometimes wears a corset. Rarely you can see her wearing feminine clothes like long dresses.

School(s): Was studying how to be a Paramedic in a university now closed due to government issues. She left the school on 3rd year to take up arms.

Day(s): (WIP)
Time: (We don't have a specific time-table yet.)
Genre: Jazz, Saloon, Cabaret, Blues
Favorite Track(s): La vie en Rose (Louis Armstrong); Who Needs Money (Elvis Presley); April in Paris (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)

Relationships: She was engaged once with their medic on the guerilla team. He got caught and executed in front of her eyes. Never had any relationships (serious) since.
*Mother: Deceased
*Father: Deceased
*Sibling(s): Doesn't know if her sister still lives.
History: Jacqueline was born in Paris. She had the best childhood any child could get in those times. The truth was ugly and her mother tried to keep her out of the nightmare times as much as she could. During her teen years she started to see the political situations at the hand and her mind started to crave for freedom.

She decided to learn the ways of healing and helping people and applied to be a Paramedic; thinking if she could help people stay alive she could do good. After she realized it was just a hollow dream until France was free from the colonial state, she decided to leave the school and take up arms and join the freedom fighters. That was the last time she saw her mother and her baby sister.

In those years she fought with the freedom fighters, she learned the ways of the guns and knives, how to fight, how to survive and tactical thinking. She fell in love with the medic of their small group. They got engaged, hoping they could one day get married in free France.

One day they got ambushed; a mole in the group had reported them, luring them into the trap. Their small group got caught, only Jacqueline survived since she was the sharpshooter and was hidden away from everyone. She watched all of them shot in the head one by one. She didn't shed a tear and ran off knowing this was the only decision she could take.

Being posted as a fugitive, knowing all her men and her lover dead, she decided the get out of the country. Luckily, she found the Airship Lenora; where noone knew her, noone asked her questions or tried to give her to the police in exchange for reward money.

Getting herself a place in the ship, she slowly tried to forget the bad memories in the past and concentrate on the future as much as she could. She made money by playing poker and enjoyed everyday as if it was her last.

After spending some time in the ship, while an air battle was on gunner of the crew was shot. Seeing the pathetic situation, Jacq sighed and helped out the crew with her shooting and fighting skills. Successfully gaining a victory towards the battle, the crew offered the gunner position to her. Having nothing else to do and tempted by the chance of getting her fighting skills sharpen, she gladly took the offer.

Created and played by Roselyn

14 Haziran 2010 Pazartesi

Crew File: Sabiha McCadden the Captain

Full Name: Sabiha McCadden
Father's Name: Kemal Efendi
Mother's Name: Ay Hatun
Place of Birth: Constantinopol, Ottoman Empire
Date of Birth: 1st Feburary 1976
Marital Status: Married
Religion: She doesn't believe the faith must have a name.
Blood Type: A+
Sex: Female
Origin: Turk/Ottoman
Currently Resides: Airship Lenora

Alias/Call Sign: Captain, Captain Sabiha, Ma'am, Sir Capitan Lady (Skreech).
Age: 34
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: War Pilot/Air Force
Known Languages: Arabic, Turkish, English, French
Personality: Kind, diplomatic, quite, cold-blooded, sage and sometimes she can be mother-like.
Likes: Sky, flying, using some kind of flyable air-machine, nice hot tea with cinnamon and clover or earl grey, mint flowered Turkish delight, reading books and poems.
Dislikes: Backward minded people who used religions as a weapon, people who haven't their own ideas but have blind confidence in some one, some one who just working for his/her own good, Sky Bandits.
Habits: Wake up early or almost never sleep.
Obsessions: -
Idol (Personal Hero): Her father.
Quote(s): (WIP)
Profession: Captain
Weapon of Choice: Pistols & Rapier

Hair: Long, wavy, light brunette, always a bun on her neck.
Eyes: Honey brown, almond shape with thick lashes
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Full, natural colour
Face: Thin with soft features
Body: Avarage and little bit curvy under the uniforms.
Skin: Wheat-skinned
Height: 1.67 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Tattoos, Scars etc.: She has few war scars and whip scars on her back.
Accessory: Wedding ring
*Daily: She always wears uniform-like clothes. Mostle tailed jackeds, trousers and boots.
*Underwear: Regular.
*Sleep Wear: (We never see her when she's sleeping)
*Seasonal: Only for cold, she wears a long aviator scarf and kind of overcoat with hood.
*Other: For formal receptions she wears uniform-like clothes, but rarely could she wear dress.

School(s): Home Schooled & Ottoman Air Force Academy

Day(s): Almost every day
Time: -
Genre: Daily Announcements
Favorite Track(s): -

Relationships: (WIP)
*Mother: Ay Hatun (Deceased)
*Father: Kemal (Deceased, Ottoman Ambassador)
*Sibling(s): -
*Wife/Husband: Charles McCadden (76, British Surgeon)
*Children: Two step-daughters and three step-sons (They're nearly same age with Sabiha)
History: (WIP)

Created and played by delusionmaker

Crew File: Skreech the Mechanic

Full Name: Unknown
Father's Name: Unknown
Mother's Name: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Flying Frogs (?!)
Blood Type: Unknown
Sex: Female
Origin: Unknown
Currently Resides: Airship Lenora

Alias/Call Sign: Skreech, Mech, Mechanic, Noisy Thing, Kiddo, Little Brat, Brat, Little Rat
Age: Unknown (She looks 13-14)
Sexuality: Unknown
Occupation: Mechanic
Known Languages: Little bit English, little bit German, little bit French, little bit Russian, little bit etc.
Personality: Freak, babbler, excited, curious, day dreamer
Likes: Fixing things, tinkering with things, talking, good stories, bath, pirates, colourful things and frogs.
Dislikes: Sweets (except for mint flavoured and sour types)
Habits: Fixing things, tinkering with things, talking, doodling.
Obsessions: Fixing things, tinkering with things, talking and flying frogs.
Quote(s): "For tha zake of Frying Frogz!" "Oo, what'z that!"
Profession: Blabbering
Weapon of Choice: Wrench

Hair: Strawberry blonde, two pigtails on the sides but they are turned up with spare wire parts.
Eyes: Brown
Nose: Up turned with freckles
Lips: Thin
Face: Thin with soft and childish features
Body: Thin
Skin: Tan
Height: 1.53-55 cm
Weight: 43-45 kg
Tattoos, Scars etc.: She has a little scar on her left knee.
Accessory: Necklace made with soda caps, long socks with different colours.
Short legged dungaree with tool belt, colourful long socks, work gloves and goggles.
*Underwear: (We don't know and care.)
*Sleep Wear:
A very big t-shirt

Same as Everyday Outfit.


School(s): Unknown

Day(s): Saturday Morning or Night (WIP)
Time: (WIP)
Genre: Industrial, Experimental, Gypsy Punk
Favorite Track(s): Terrible Angels, Coconuts & God Has A Voice, She Speaks Through Me (CocoRosie), Sleep Isabella & Airship Pirates (Abney Park)...

Relationships: The old man who likes lemon flavoured candies (she's his assistant)


History: The only thing known about Skreech is she found Grimald Vesely or he found her and they fixed the ship.

Created and played by delusionmaker

Crew File: Grimald Vesely the Owner

Full Name: Grimald Vesely
Father's Name: Zverev Vesely
Mother's Name: Deborah Seager/Vesely
Place of Birth: Prague
Date of Birth: 3rd July 1957
Marital Status: "Not now! Not later! Not ever!"
Religion: Self Proclaimed God: Himself!
Blood Type: A+
Sex: Male
Origin: Czech/Irish
Currently Resides: Airship Lenora

Alias/Call Sign: Grim’, Mr. Taxidermist, Junk Meister, Mr. Vesely, Mr. Vezeliez (Skreech)
Age: 42
Sexuality: Asexual
Occupation: Antiquarian/Art Historian
Known Languages: Czech, English, Turkish, French
Personality: cHaotiC and UNpredictable but kindhearted.
Likes: Talking to himself, talking to inanimate objects, talking to people which do not listen him, talking about trivial things with people who are not interested in trivia, collecting and piling up junk and books, tending piles of junk and books, just reading something.
Dislikes: Being silenced, being controlled, being silenced and controlled by men, being silenced and controlled by women, people that mess with his affairs and junk piles.
Habits: Collecting junk, collecting more junk, heavy drinking, heavy drinking often, heavy drinking everyday and keeping bottles as trophy, eating sweets, picking his nose when nobody sees.
Obsessions: All above.
Idol (Personal Hero): Don Quixote
Profession: Art history, mechanical repair, clockwork repair, optic devices repair, appraisal, professional collector, taxidermist.
Weapon of Choice: Coiled up newspaper, Victorian era finely shaped antique silver fork.

Hair: Gray (formerly light brown) - balding but long haired
Eyes: Hazel
Nose: Large and round nose with reddish tint
Lips: Shiny pink normal sized lips
Face: A sharply edged but cheerfully looking face
Body: Strong, middle heighted and stout
Skin: Pale and wrinkled
Height: 1.75 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Tattoos, Scars etc.: Numerous scars covers his hands, loves pirate tattoos since he was a child but never had any tattoos.
Accessory: Has three large golden earrings two at his left ear one at his right ear, which are normally chain links. Also possesses a couple of silver rings and loves to wear ascots and scarves and he wears suspenders almost every time.
*Daily: Brown canvas trousers, brown canvas shirt with suspenders.
*Underwear: Brown cotton underwear
*Sleep Wear: Blackish brown nightgown
*Seasonal: Tan canvas pants tan canvas shirt with suspenders.
*Other: Tweed jacket, burgundy silk shirt, black velvet pants, long riding boots and silk ascot.

School(s): Some elementary school at Prague which he doesn't remember, The Galatasaray High School, University of Zagreb, University of Istanbul.

Day(s): (WIP)
Time: (We don't have a specific time-table yet.)
Genre: Folk, Classical, 80’s etc., Steampunk, Victorian and Goth, even some metal, Polka, Jazz, Blues, etc.
Favorite Track(s): The Watchmaker’s Apprentice (Clockwork Quartet); Sleep Isabella (Abney Park); Rocky Road to Dublin, Drunken Sailor, Beer Beer (The Dubliners).

Relationships: Skreech as his young pupil.
*Mother: Deceased
*Father: Deceased
*Sibling(s): N/A
History: "I do not remember or do I?"

Created and played by Crimazure