Steam-Stream, a steam fueled radio, created by Airship Lenora's crew. All radio shows are being held by crew members and VIP passengers;
every host has their own stories to tell so they have their own styles. Everything takes place in an alternate history
where Edison tragically died and Tesla rose with his inventions.

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Crew File: Jacqueline the Chief Gunner

Full Name: Jacqueline M.
Father's Name: Unknown
Mother's Name: Josephine M.
Place of Birth: Paris
Date of Birth: 13th June 1982
Marital Status: Single [Engaged once]
Religion: Doesn't speak of it.
Blood Type: A+
Sex: Female
Origin: French-Irish
Currently Resides: Airship Lenora

Alias/Call Sign: Jacq., Poker Queen, Queen of the Saloon, Freedom Fighter, the Ace
Age: 27
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Poker Player, Gunner
Known Language(s): French, English, Gaelic
Personality: Cold as ice, kind of narcissist, distant but caring, closed tight
Likes: Cleaning her guns, sharpening her knives, playing poker, card tricks, drinking, cigars.
Dislikes: Memories, bullies, stupid people.
Habits: Sleeps with a gun under her pillow, sharpens her personal knife before going to sleep, she leaves a sip of scotch before going to bed and drinks the last sip first thing in the morning.
Obsessions: Carrying her knife and her gun everywhere, learning all the card tricks she can.
Idol (Personal Hero): None.
Quote(s): "Challenge me, if you dare." "Sorry, but your bold move is a waste."
Profession: Poker, Sharpshooting, Knife Throwing
Weapon of Choice: Combat Knife, Pistol (WIP - model?), Whiskey Bottle

Hair: Short, brown, always tied with a hair band. A wisp of long hair is left at the back of her neck.
Eyes: Hazel
Nose: Up turned, looks like it's been broken once or twice.
Lips: A bit bold, shiny pink.
Face: Thin with soft features
Body: Thin, well-built yet a bit curvy under the clothes.
Skin: Pale white
Height: 1.70 - 75 cm
Weight: 55-60 kg
Tattoos, Scars etc.: Celtic triple circle tattoo between her shoulder blades, Celtic Wedding Band tattoo on her left wrist, lots of bullet and knife wounds on her body (most on them are invisible under clothes), one huge cut scar on her right arm from wrist to elbow.
Accessory: She wears a long chain necklace but noone has seen what is at the end of the chain.
*Daily: Long striped, brown-black pants, black vest with tail, white shirt, and long combat boots.
*Underwear: Regular.
*Sleep Wear: Pjs.
*Seasonal: Out in the cold, wears a worn brown leather jacket with furry collar.
*Other: On formal receptions, she sometimes wears a corset. Rarely you can see her wearing feminine clothes like long dresses.

School(s): Was studying how to be a Paramedic in a university now closed due to government issues. She left the school on 3rd year to take up arms.

Day(s): (WIP)
Time: (We don't have a specific time-table yet.)
Genre: Jazz, Saloon, Cabaret, Blues
Favorite Track(s): La vie en Rose (Louis Armstrong); Who Needs Money (Elvis Presley); April in Paris (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)

Relationships: She was engaged once with their medic on the guerilla team. He got caught and executed in front of her eyes. Never had any relationships (serious) since.
*Mother: Deceased
*Father: Deceased
*Sibling(s): Doesn't know if her sister still lives.
History: Jacqueline was born in Paris. She had the best childhood any child could get in those times. The truth was ugly and her mother tried to keep her out of the nightmare times as much as she could. During her teen years she started to see the political situations at the hand and her mind started to crave for freedom.

She decided to learn the ways of healing and helping people and applied to be a Paramedic; thinking if she could help people stay alive she could do good. After she realized it was just a hollow dream until France was free from the colonial state, she decided to leave the school and take up arms and join the freedom fighters. That was the last time she saw her mother and her baby sister.

In those years she fought with the freedom fighters, she learned the ways of the guns and knives, how to fight, how to survive and tactical thinking. She fell in love with the medic of their small group. They got engaged, hoping they could one day get married in free France.

One day they got ambushed; a mole in the group had reported them, luring them into the trap. Their small group got caught, only Jacqueline survived since she was the sharpshooter and was hidden away from everyone. She watched all of them shot in the head one by one. She didn't shed a tear and ran off knowing this was the only decision she could take.

Being posted as a fugitive, knowing all her men and her lover dead, she decided the get out of the country. Luckily, she found the Airship Lenora; where noone knew her, noone asked her questions or tried to give her to the police in exchange for reward money.

Getting herself a place in the ship, she slowly tried to forget the bad memories in the past and concentrate on the future as much as she could. She made money by playing poker and enjoyed everyday as if it was her last.

After spending some time in the ship, while an air battle was on gunner of the crew was shot. Seeing the pathetic situation, Jacq sighed and helped out the crew with her shooting and fighting skills. Successfully gaining a victory towards the battle, the crew offered the gunner position to her. Having nothing else to do and tempted by the chance of getting her fighting skills sharpen, she gladly took the offer.

Created and played by Roselyn

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