Steam-Stream, a steam fueled radio, created by Airship Lenora's crew. All radio shows are being held by crew members and VIP passengers;
every host has their own stories to tell so they have their own styles. Everything takes place in an alternate history
where Edison tragically died and Tesla rose with his inventions.

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31 Aralık 2010 Cuma

Happy New Year!

Santa WIP by Roselyn

Screech couldn't finish the maintaince,
'coz of this Jacq couldn't done the paintings.

Actually... this can be caused by Jacq too...

And don't miss the test broadcast!
Radio plays, music, steampunk and much more!
Don't miss it!

Jan 1st 10.00 pm (GMT+2)
Jan 1st 3:00 pm (GMT-5)

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